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Eudora Light (PC) Settings

  1. Click on 'Start' | 'Programs' | 'Eudora Lite' | 'Eudora Lite'.

  2. A window should appear asking if you want to make Eudora Lite your 'default' email program. Check the box that says 'Don't ask me anymore' and click on 'No'.

  3. If the 'Using Context Sensitive Help' window appears, click on 'Close'.

  4. The 'Options' window should appear. If it does not, click on 'Tools' | 'Options'.

  5. Scroll to the top of the categories on the left hand side, and click on 'Getting Started'.

  6. Enter your account information in each field.
    • Enter your name in the 'Real name' field.
    • Enter your Maui Gateway Email address in the 'Return Address' field.
    • Enter in the 'Mail Server (incoming)' field.
    • Enter your login name in the 'Login Name' field.
    • Enter in the 'SMTP Server (outgoing)' field.

  7. Click on 'OK' to complete and save the configuration.

  8. You can now check mail by clicking on 'File' | 'Check Mail', or by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of the Eudora toolbar.

  9. Enter your email account password in the 'Password' field and click 'OK'.

  10. In the 'Connect to Maui Gateway' screen, make sure your Maui Gateway dialup username appears in the 'Username' field, and enter your Maui Gateway dialup password in the 'Password' field, and be sure to leave the 'Domain' field blank. You may select 'Save password' so you will not be prompted for a password each time you check your mail.

  11. Click 'Connect' to check your Maui Gateway e-mail.

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