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How to upload your personal homepage to your free web hosting space

Each Maui Gateway Dial Up account includes 50 MB's of web space to host your personal web site. Follow the instuctions below to place your personal website online.
  1. You will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload your web files. If you don't already have an FTP program, you can download one from the following sites:
  2. Launch your FTP program and enter the following information:
    1. Host Address:
    2. User Id: Your Maui Gateway user/login name
    3. Password: Your Maui Gateway password

  3. Upload all your web files into the public_html folder and ensure your first page is called index.html

  4. That's it! Your web site is now online and available for the world to see. Your default web site address is

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Q: Can I place a business web site in my web space?
A: Yes, but be aware the website address is still

Q: Can I have a different website address like
A: Yes! The .com is called a domain name. To purchase a new domain name and open a new hosting account, please CLICK HERE.

Q: My website was created using Mircrosoft FrontPage and requires FrontPage server extensions. Do you support such things?
A: Yes! Our new hosting server allows you to install your own FrontPage server extensions. To open a new hosting account, please CLICK HERE.

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