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Outlook 2003/XP Settings

This document presumes you have already installed Microsoft Office or have an operational version of Office including Outlook. To begin configuring Outlook for use with Maui Gateway, you will need to open the program. The quickest way is to click on the Outlook icon located on your Desktop.

  1. If Outlook prompts you to connect to the Internet, click on Cancel. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to configure your Outlook settings.If you are starting up Outlook for the first time since you installed it, then the Startup wizard will begin automatically.

    From the drop-down menu marked "Tools" select "Accounts."

  2. The Mail setup Wizard of Outlook will be opened. This is a step-by-step guide to setting up a new email account with Outlook.

  3. Select 'POP3' from the list. Then Click Next

  4. You will see the main e-mail settings window in Outlook. most of the main settings are configured here. In the User Information section,

    Enter Your name in the 'Your name' field.

    Enter your e-mail address in the 'E-mail address' section.

    Your E-Mail address is your User name [eg: kimo] followed by Maui Gateway's domain name

    In the Server Information section, Enter these in the incoming mail server (POP3) field.

    enter these in the outgoing mail server (SMTP) field

    Enter these in lower case letters,

    In the Logon Information section,
    Enter your Logon username (the one you dial in to your account with..)

    and enter your corresponding dialup password in the 'password' field.

    If you are connected to the internet at this point, you may wish to test out the settings by clicking on the 'Test account settings' button.

    Click on Next.

  5. click finish to return to Outlook's main interface.

  6. You have now successfully setup your internet e-mail account with Outlook.
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