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Outlook Express (PC) Settings

Opening the Outlook Express program for the first time will activate the Wizard, which allows you to simply enter your information in the appropriate boxes. In case you have already gone through the wizard and it still gives you problems. Go to the Tools menu and choose Accounts...

The area we will first focus on will be the Mail tab. If you are setting this up for the first time, hit Add.

Otherwise, make sure that you don't have any duplicate entries (so they won't check the same mailbox at the same time). Choose your Maui Gateway account and then hit the Properties button.

When the Properties comes up click on the General tab and put in the necessary information. 

The mail account can be whatever you want to call the title of this particular account. Put your name in the Name field, business or organization in the Organization field, email address in the Email address field (it's not necessary to put a reply-to address).

Click on the tab that says Server, under Server Information:

Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Incoming mail (POP3):

My incoming mail server is a POP3 server. 

Under Incoming Mail Server click and make sure the dot is infront of   Log on using

Account name: username
Password: ********** (This is your account password)

Click on the Connection tab. and it will ask for the type of connection. 

In the Connection area click and make sure the black dot is infront of Connect using my phone line and in the Modem field make sure Maui Gateway is selected from the pull down menu.

Click on the Security tab, and there shouldn't be anything in any of these fields.

On the Advanced tab, set the time-out to 1-2 minutes. Also, you can leave a copy of the email on the server for backup purposes, or if you check your email from multiple locations. Remember to delete it though, otherwise you'll go over your 50MB server space limit eventually. You can use the nifty REMOVE FROM SERVER AFTER X DAYS feature so you don't forget. Then hit the OK button.

That pretty much covers the setting up of Outlook Express for the Mail portion. If you are interesting in using Express to check your News Groups continue on.

Back at the Internet Account menu, go into the News tab. Highlight your connection with us and choose properties.

If you don't have anything listed here, hit Add.

Again, in here, you can name the account whatever you'd like and fill out the appropriate information. Note: spammers like to grab people's email addresses out of newsgroups - if you'd like, request an email alias from technical support and use it and if you get spammed too frequently, then cancel the alias.

On the News tab, only put in our server,

Connection tab: once again, choose Maui Gateway from the drop down menu. Click on the OK button and then exit Outlook and once it exits you can go right on back into the program and start using it.
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